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PASMA (Towers for Users)

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    8th Jul, 2022
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    12 of 12 x Spaces left - from £120 per person 'Towers for Users' (STOCKTON)
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PASMA 'Towers for Users' training course

Scaffold training is vital for operatives working on mobile scaffold towers because of the degree to which it minimises the risk of accident and injury. A trained operative is aware of the risks and understands how to work safely at height. As well as being able to work using a mobile scaffold tower, they are trained in how to safely assemble the towers, including how to check for damage and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.


To ensure that all staff take responsibility for health and safety for themselves and for others.

To ensure that operatives are trained to a high level of competence when carrying out inspections.

To ensure that operatives are able to create safe systems of work and understand their responsibilities.

course duration: 1 days (6 hours)


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    8th Jul, 2022
  • Seats Available
    12 of 12 x Spaces left - from £120 per person 'Towers for Users' (STOCKTON)
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