Management of Asbestos Must Continue Through Lockdown

Management of Asbestos Must Continue Through Lockdown Blog Post

Management of Asbestos Must Continue Through Lockdown

An urgent reminder has been issued by Asbestos Professionals and trade bodies that during this second lockdown, cancer-causing asbestos can and should continue to be managed.

A statement has been issued to anyone with responsibility for locations and materials to remind them that during the lockdown period it is essential asbestos continues to be managed. The statement has been released due to the increases in confusion that have been occurring regarding whether asbestos activity can commence during England’s second lockdown, and under the restrictions in place across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It was emphasized in the reminder that the legal duty which falls under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 remains ‘fully in force.’ HSE will be remaining active during the lockdown in seeking regulatory compliance, therefore, all concerned must still adhere to all requirements including the Control of Asbestos Regulations, and the Health & Safety at Work Act, along with the Construction Design and Management Regulations to further minimise any exposure to asbestos fibre from any source.

Under government guidelines, it is made clear that from 5th November, it is still permitted for persons to enter premises (including private property and homes) to deliver services and carry out work.

It has been confirmed by the bodies that should a site fully shutdown during lockdown, then annual re-inspections can be delayed, however, these must be carried out before any employee returns to the site to ‘guard against deterioration of Asbestos Containing Materials.’